The Self Taught Artist Resource Collection (STAR), late 1960's-2002, are the working papers of Daniel C. Prince, Prince Art Consultants, and STAR, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created by Daniel C. Prince. These include materials relating to artists, art environments, patrons, general correspondence, both for-profit and non-profit businesses, manuscripts of writings, research materials, publication materials, art organizations, ethnographic materials, clippings and subject files, photographs, slides and negatives, and assorted audio and video media. The collection is extensive, with the bulk of the materials from the 1990's, though the collection continues to grow. Major topics of interest include folk art, outsider artists, self-taught artists and research on various forms of self-taught art.

Without a brick and mortar gallery, Dan Prince has relied on photographs to circulate and to sell an artist's work. Perhaps the materials of greatest importance in this collection are the artist files and photographs, which provide a visual record of self-taught art in America. Artists of note are Howard Finster, Robert E. Smith, Danny Dowler, Karolina Danek, and Ann Krasner, as well as more famous artists such as Bessie Harvey, Mose Tolliver, Thorton Dial, Sanford Darling, and Grandma Moses. Of particular interest in this collection is the series on folk art environments. There is information on many such environments from around the country and several articles that Dan Prince wrote in support of these fragile works, some of which no longer exist.

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